4 Best Airsoft Guns for Noobs in 2019

You’ve recently heard about Airsoft, and your new gang in Canada likes to play every other week. But, you’ve no clue about airsoft and all you know is that it’s similar to paintball.

Well, indeed, quite like paintball, your Airsoft Canada game, will require you to go out and shoot your opposition ‘X’ number of times to secure a win.

However, airsoft is the same as paintball, here are the noted differences:

  • The airsoft rifles use an electrically wound spring for power purposes.
  • These fire 6mm plastic BB’s which weigh between 10 ½ gram, unlike the paintball rifles that fire, 43 or .68 caliber paintballs.
  • Very realistic and often have the same weight and display of a real-life caliber rifle.

Moving on, now that you know about the type of game you’re getting into, time to discuss rifles. If you’re a newbie in this aspect, chances are you don’t have a clue about the best rifles to pick from. Fret not! This article will categorize the best airsoft guns for you to buy and secure stable wins in every tournament.

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  1. G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider (Assault Rifle)

For every beginner, the G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider is one of the best assault rifles to start off with. It comes with a lifelike M4 Platform, combines a collapsible stock and has a quad rail for mounting equipment.

Further, with a butterfly type battery, this electric gun has an easily upgradable metal gearbox. Further, with easily adjustable optic it can focus better along with a line of sight. Thus, for an easy hit, picking this one for your Airsoft Canada game is a good deal.

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  1. JG Bar-10: Best Airsoft Sniper

If you want an Airsoft Canada rifle with an ultra-life-like feel then the airsoft sniper, JG Bar-10 is the one to pick. High profile exterior with classic design, this one equipped with b 20g BBs boasts of accuracy. Its features are as follows:

  • Hoarding a capacity of 500+ FPS, it guarantees an output of 400 FPS.
  • Rubberized coating helps feature high profile real-life features.
  • Good up gradation options.

Airsoft Rifle

  1. Soft Air Taurus 24/7

Widely used by numerous Airsoft Canada players, this one is a striker handgun designed in a polymer frame. With impeccable ergonomics, it is easy to handle for beginners and is a considerably affordable option compared to the big ones. Its features are as follows:

  • Comes with a speed of 315 FPS
  • Tactical Rail
  • Easy to accessorize.
  • Designed to be compatible with 24/7 Holsters

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  1. A&K M249 Paratrooper (Airsoft Machine Gun)

One of the best options for machine gunners, this one comes with a collapsible stock and shorter barrel which makes it lightweight, and easier to handle. Further, it comes with a bipod that doubles up as a stable platform that aids in engaging targets with suppressive fire.

Some of its features are:

  • 350-390 FPS muzzle velocity
  • The full metal gearbox of 8mm
  • Adjustable rear and front sights
  • Railed feed cover ideal for optics
  • Telescopic metal stock.

Well, there you go, these 4 Airsoft Canada rifles are ideal for noobs who wish to indulge in a grand game. So, check these out today, and buy one which catches your interest now. Good Luck! To find more information about air soft Canada click here!