Best Value

At Fortius Phamedica, we believe that we have achieved the optimal business model that allows for the production of the finest products at the most competitive prices.

Fortius has constructed a facility that far exceeds current OTC Pharmaceutical regulations. The facility has been built with function in mind, not opulence. The founders believed at the time of construction that it was critical to build a technologically advanced facility with minimal overhead in order to exceed the competition.

Geographical location contributes to this model in a significant way as PEI has been ranked by KPMG as one of the most cost-efficient places to do business in Canada. This is due to lower property cost, lower cost of living, and the ample availability of high quality labour.

Fortius recognized the requirement to obtain the highest quality ingredients at the most competitive prices. To accomplish this has taken time, but Fortius has managed to develop a global network of reputable suppliers and developed relationships with them to ensure competitive prices. Fortius always qualifies a supplier through rigorous testing to ensure quality prior to ordering. In essence, lowest-cost-ingredients are not part of Fortius’ success model – the product must have the best value.

Fortius knows that the most efficient manufacturing processes must be used if they are to maintain a competitive advantage. We are relentless in pursuing efficiencies through standardization and are constantly bringing in international experts to keep the processes current, whether it be from equipment perspective or employee training. Efficient manufacturing creates a cost advantage that Fortius has fully leveraged.