Ways to Make the Folder Cover Unique

A well-designed folder is a perfect way to represent your company to the world. A beautiful folder cover can add an extra value to your company brochures or literature. However, the importance of designs of the folder report covers is often overlooked. Here are some ideas about how you can make eye-catching folder covers that commands the attention of all.

Logo: The most common idea is placing the logo of your company over the folder cover. However, you can get creative and try background watermarked logo for your folder. You can also try an oversized cross-sectioned logo which can catch eyes of people.

Unique Images: Unique images regarding your company motto can be a great folder report covers design. You can also use the images of different products of your company as the background of the folder cover.

Die Cuts: You can make the folder covers using the die-cut technique. In this way, you can make your folder cover in attention-grabbing shapes. If your folder cover is made of a multi-layered material, then this cut can bring the texture of the component out easily. You can try the different die cuts which are listed below.

folder report covers

  • Windows: You can create a die-cut window to your folder cover so that it let you have a peek in the contents of the folders easily.
  • Special Corners: Sharp folder cover corners are out of date. Use the die-cut technique to make your folder look more suave and trendy.
  • Pocket Designs: You can make a pocket folder inside the folder cover. You might like to make the pocket folder compatible with the design of your company logo.
  • Creative Custom Option: you can let your imaginations run wild while designing a folder cover. This unique and personal design can make your folder cover one of a kind.

Typography: You can choose the typographical design in the middle of your folder report covers design. You can use the font which is the signature of your brand. You can also use the fonts which take up the entire cover. This type of design can also make your folder cover look trendy and upscale.report covers

Foil Stamps: These can make the design of your cover stand out. You can use the foil stamps to fill the typography of the design. You can also turn the entire background of your folder report covers to make it look glittery and glamorous.

Text: You can use your company name, descriptive texts or simple taglines to decorate the folder cover. You can also describe the benefits of doing business with you on the folder cover, so that prospective clients can get interested.

Embossing: This is another formula which can make the folder cover of your company vogue. You can emboss the logo of your company or any graphics that you like to make your folder cover look more interesting. Using this technique can add an extra tactile component to the folder report covers of your company.

Do not ever let anyone think less of your company. Try these techniques and stand apart in a gathering of different types of folders.