Why Buy Bongs Online? 3 False Beliefs Demystified

The Cannabis culture is picking up rapidly, in the city. While fellow Cannabis aficionados have much to look forward to, there are also a number of loopholes that have to be figured out. Many of these are pertaining to the legislation around smoking marijuana, the most potent forms as well as if it is sensible to buy bongs online.

bongs online

At Thermodynamix, we believe that the modus via which one takes in cannabis is as important as the actual product. However, when it comes to purchasing smoking devices online, many a pot-patron takes a step back. There are common (mis)beliefs that might build a smokescreen around online shopping. Individuals may be specifically concerned as this industry is fairly new and finding an authoritative platform is important.

Before you decide to shelve your decision to buy bongs online altogether, let us explain to you, why, we think, you may have been misled.


  1. “Product Quality Will be Poor”

It is not the first time that e-commerce has come under the radar, with a dime a dozen horror stories of damaged/ broken products and wrong-deliveries circulating around the internet. The sheer thought of a shattered or counterfeit bong reaching your hands can send shivers down your cannabinoid receptors and stop you from even searching out sites to buy bongs online.

Worry not. We have a record of satisfied customers who can testify for the quality of products we deliver. Pro tip: Bongs that have welds that are not flushed, misshapen percolators and very thin glass may be knock-offs.

You will never have to see one of those if you order from us. By the slightest chance, should this happen to you, we will cover for the damaged product to be shipped back to us and replace it at no cost. We will even ship it back to you for free!

buy bongs online

  1. “My Identity Will be Compromised”

Identity theft is a common concern, not just exclusive to those who seek to buy bongs online. Anybody wishing to make an online purchase would like to, first, ascertain the legitimacy of the website.

We might not be able to speak for all our counterparts on the internet, but, we make sure to follow the standard confidentiality requirements of online payment gateways. Rest assured, your credit card and personal information are safe and anonymous. We will not send you any information, unless you have signed up for it yourself.


  1. “I Need to Experience the Product, Before I Make a Decision”

And, we ask you, why not? Think about driving up to a store, waiting in line and having to cajole store associates to dole out every device you would like to touch and feel.

Instead, you could buy bongs online at the click of a button and sit back and relax while you have your product delivered at your doorstep. You can then savor the joy of unraveling your toy and examine it for all the checkboxes you’ve had to tick off on your mind. Dissatisfied? You can just return it!

Although we doubt you’d need to know this with Thermodynamix products, our e-store has a flexible policy where you can return unused products for a full refund. Should electric products, such as vaporizers, turn faulty with use, we will be happy to replace them within 30 days of purchase.

What’s more, our products reach you within 3-5 days of placing an order. Now, tell us, would you still go to a store or buy bongs online, from a trusted website such as Thermodynamix.