Choose Canadian Maple Leaf Coins from a Variety of Sizes, Conditions and Mint Years

Gold is considered to be a precious metal which is worthy of investment. Even if gold offers a great deal of store value, consumers and investors are planning to spend money on gold bullions in order to diversify their portfolio. Whether one plans to invest in the Maple Leaf Gold Coin or in the American Eagle Gold Coin, one should always consult reputable coin dealer or government/ private mints in order to get their hands on the Maple Leaf gold bullion coins.

Popular Way to Buy Gold

One can buy gold in different forms. However, it has been seen that within the investment market, gold coins remain a popular option. Many people might not know that the Maple Leaf coin is Canada’s official bullion coin that is available in different sizes. Hence, depending on the size, the weight of the coins starts to vary. Even if the coins are considered as a legal tender, it carries a face value. Usually, the Maple Leaf Gold Coin, the only 24 Karat coins available in the market.

maple leaf gold coin

Knowing the Sizes

The Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins form the most beautiful gold coins. Most of the coins feature Queen Elizabeth II in one side, and on the reverse side, the image of the Canadian maple leaf is present.

According to the Royal Canadian Mint’s Gold Maple Leaf offers a high level of purity. It’s because the Gold Maple Leaf coins are usually made using .9999 fine gold.

The Maple Leaf Gold Coin is available in five different sizes. They are 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/ 2 oz, and 1 oz. Each of these coins comes with different face values that are actually nominal. Even if these coins got introduced in the year 1979, it is still popular, irrespective of the fluctuating price of gold.


Condition of the Coin

The condition of the coin plays an important role in its pricing. At the same time, it can help to maintain the fine engravings of the coin. It can help to consider if the coins can fall under rare or collector coins category. It can be said that the pricing of a coin in perfect condition can be very high. Even coins in mint condition might not fetch the same value.maple leaf coin

Opting for gold bullion coins like Maple Leaf Gold Coin helps one to get access to collector coin. As it’s made of gold its value can be huge. Even if the coins can come in different weights, one can buy a small coin.

Mint Years

The mint years also play a great role in deciding the pricing. While the Gold Maple Leaf Coins produced during 1979-1982 were .999 fine gold. However, irrespective of the year of produce they come with certification. Hence, one won’t need to worry about the quality of the product.

Those who are interested to invest in gold can go for the gold Maple Leaf bullion coins. The Maple Leaf Gold Coin witnesses an upward trend over time on its spot price. Hence, it can help one to get quality coins. For more info, read here!